Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Innovation of Science & Technology

Innovation of Science
Mahtab Ahmad
Look back a few years ago, when few people  would have either heard of or used multiple electronic gadgets such as different versions of   mobile like 3G, tablets, pen drives, laptops, LCD, and Internet, they remained glued to merely television, listening to transistors, reading newspapers and magazines. The life was smooth sailing and relaxed. Children were used to reading,playing outdoor games and wielding pen to write something.  How a different way of life style it was!
Now, in the last couple of decades, things have changed a lot. With increasing innovations of Science and Technology day by day, we have been  more inversely affected than good. 3G mobile has tugged to everyone’s palm, tablets have replaced books, keyboard –pen, laptops-schoolbags, Internet on LCD –television and video games-outdoor fun etc. which prove to be harmful for health and studies. It is a time waste with no friends, no time for parents, home and relatives. We have submitted ourselves to Machine life. SMS language has made us oblivious to pen down anything. Our writing skills are snubbed. Books are found dust coated. Children are bespectacled, Obese and prone to many  ailments like B/P, cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes etc.
Moreover, it has an  adverse impact on their moral values.  They have no values for school. Teachers,parents,elders and opposite gender. It has polluted their minds with evils and arrogance. Their attitude is a great matter of concern.
The innovation of Science and Technology is also vested in warfare's like -the misuse of nuclear and biological weapons.  However,it also promotes remedies to diseases. How irony it is! The number of population is increasing and people are being replaced by robots! It has increased war and worry but also trying to lessen it by nanobots!
Just imagine! where it has dragged us.
Nonetheless, its significance  can’t be ignored. It all depends upon us how we regard it. If we make  use of it judiciously in  need of expedite communication, updation of knowledgeor information or any defence, it is acceptable.As soon as it is taken up as a device of offence,it will become a curse. Unfortunately, its use seems impossible. It is mostly misused.

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